Search YouTube video of some user?

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asked Sep 3, 2016 in Computers & IT by Bairstov
I want to search all videos uploaded by some user at YouTube. How it can be? As I do not know the exact youtube channel of that user.

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answered Sep 15, 2016 by BasicEducation (405 points)

You can search YouTube videos uploaded by some user if you try the following things:

First of all open in your browser.

If you know the exact name of youtube channel then you will type as

You have typed "basiceducation2050" after the main website assuming that the name of channel is basiceducation2050.

Similarly, suppose you want to search videos uploaded by "basiceducation2050" then you will simply type "basiceducation2050" in the search box of

This way, you will find many of the uploaded videos by specific user if not all the videos by that user. And when you search once your required user; most of that user's videos will be automatically listed by youtube for you to run next video of the same user.

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answered Mar 9 by Jose Killian

It often happens that we would enjoy a video in YouTube and later want to see more of the similar type. But we would have forgotten to note that channel.

First of all open YouTube in your browser. In the search box, type the category under which the video belongs to . Use some keywords like popular,latest etc.before the video category. If you know the name of persons in the video,you can use that name in your search. Most probably you would get your video from the list of videos obtained after the search. As soon as you get  your video subscribe to that channel.Then you could enjoy all the video uploads from that channel and you would be notified by them.

If you are logged in to YouTube account  the list of watched videos could be obtained from the history tab!

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